I have expensive taste when it comes to home furnishings. In the past, my purchases have included Lexington, Restoration Hardware, Ethan Allen and Serena and Lily… to name a few. I believe in buying, for the most part, long-lasting furniture pieces that do not go out of style. After all, if you buy what you love it never goes out of style for you! In the past, this has cost me a great deal, without getting a great deal.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been researching the cost of much-needed office furniture. I am not looking for an heirloom collection, just something that is practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing to me.You see, right now I am typing on a folding table since my computer armoire  literally fell apart.  Yet, again, just like grocery saving success— researching, organizing and time are so important to this process. And… to really up the pressure, I have made a bet with my husband that I can complete the office for $1500 dollars or less. This will hopefully include  an area rug, window treatments, and a two person desk system. I am thinking  that I have really lost my mind with this bet… yet I am competitive and determined!

My research started this afternoon with some of my favorite  furniture companies- Lexington and Ballards Design. Neither had exactly what I desired.  I finally found exactly what I was looking for in the Pottery Barn Catalog. It is the Bedford Collection:  a modular home office system. To create the look I desire,  I  want two connecting desk components.  I priced the Bedford Collection, and as luck would have it, the total cost is way above my budget of$1500. Obviously, I will lose the bet,  and definitely not  met my expectations as Mommy Saveologist!  So, I just spent a half hour before  Katie’s feeding  researching and organizing  a solution. I started with Ebay… I  found some components of the Bedford collection, however nothing that was an exact match. Then I goggled “save on Bedford Pottery Barn Collection”… and I learned researching does pay off:  this is what popped up…http://www.funfindsformom.com/blog/my-new-desk.

This  blog, entitled FunfindsforMOM , provided details of a “knock off” of the PB Bedford Collection from JC Penney. I am learning  yet again  that research, organization and time  are very important to my role as Mommy Saveologist.

However, even though the JC Penney Linden Collection is comparable to the Pottery Barn Bedford Collection,  I am still reluctant to purchase it. I know it is lingering  pre-recession, pre-medical  bills’  snobbery. I am wondering,  can  it be as nice as the Pottery Barn Bedford Collection that I have my heart set on? I  calculated the price of the components of the JCPenney  “knock off” components (that by the way are now on closeout!) and found the total cost would be $1137. Basically, I can get two desk components from JC Penney, for the price of one Pottery Barn desk component. So, why am I hesitating? The reviews of the JC Penney Linden Collection are fabulous. Gosh, my mother shopped at JC Penney when I was a child! What makes me so attached to the Pottery Barn label, or any other “popular” label for that matter? Do I really need the Pottery Barn name? After all, just two years ago I had purchased Jack’s furniture from Pottery Barn, only to be displeased with the quality. Why not give JC Penney a try?

This evening,  I went back on the Jc Penney website and took a closer look at the Linden Collection. I carefully measured how it would fit in the office space. I read the reviews of its quality. It seems like it will really work!  And, after a close examination on my conscience, I realize that becoming a Mommy Saveologist will require me to think differently. I need to reach out of my comfort zone and look for quality and value when trying to save while not letting my past judgments about certain brands/stores get in the way. I need to take some risks!  So in a few minutes I am going onto www.jcpenney.com to order the Linden Collection. I will post a picture of the office when it is complete. I am confident that it will turn out fabulous. After all, being a saveologist  requires a dose of optimism while trying something new! Luckily, optimism is something I (with age) have gained. I will keep you updated!  In the meantime, check out the picture of the Linden Collection at JC Penney and comment on  what you think.  Would love some feed back as well as other ideas on how to thoughtfully spend the remaining $173 in my budget. This is going to take some creativity to win this bet and  thus achieve my goal as a true saveologist!